Recently I have been obsessing over superfoods. This began after I read an article about avocado and I started using it frequently. I was surprised how many different tasty dishes I was able to make with avocado and I loved the fact that it pairs beautifully with other foods to produce delicious meals with soft, creamy texture. Thus I started my thorough research of the so-called superfoods and I’ve made it my long-term mission to incorporate them in our everyday eating routine.

Super Pancakes
I have made so many super-meals, some with greater success than others, I admit J. But I found pancakes to be the best and easiest way to incorporate the more exotic and less mainstream superfoods into our everyday diet. Not to mention the double benefit for my family: we get to eat our favorite breakfast boosted to another, healthier level. The superfoods are known for their nutritional benefits, they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They reduce the risk of chronic diseases and prolong life. Bonus for mum: they facilitate weight loss (hurray!). So why wait? Let’s make some easy and simple super pancakes, folks.

Cocoa Pancakes

Superfood properties: contains flavonoids, which help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. It is very low in calories and contains almost 0% fat, which allows you to enjoy chocolatey pancakes with no guilt whatsoever. Make sure the cocoa you’re buying is non-alkalized because processed cocoa loses most of the antioxidants.
I have found a perfect fusion of healthy, delicious and good-looking for my family in the vegan Oreo pancakes. I mean, who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? They are a great way to sneak (a lot of) healthy ingredients into your kids’ breakfast. They will absolutely adore them and will never know how healthy their breakfast really was.

Chia Pancakes


Superfood properties: packed with omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and calcium. If you, sorry for saying, hate fish as much as I do, chia seeds are the ideal substitute because of the omega-3 acids. They are perfect for adding to smoothies or salads.

So far I have made peanut butter and banana chia pancakes, pumpkin chia pancakes and lemon chia pancakes, but my absolute favorite is the sweet potato chia pancake recipe because of the beautiful texture, crunchiness and because it is very simple and easy to make.
Hemp Pancakes

Superfood properties: high in protein, amino acids, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and potassium. Although they are related to marijuana, hemp seeds contain almost no psychoactive ingredients.

The hemp pancake recipe is a great energy booster because of the hemp protein powder inside. They are absolutely healthy because they are sugar-free (use stevia), eggless and gluten-free. They are great for people who exercise because of the high carbs level.


Avocado Pancakes


I will finish with my favorite superfood pancake recipe. Superfood properties: rich with vitamins B, K, C and E and potassium. These emerald pancakes are fresh, tender, fluffy, thick and creamy and they simply melt in your mouth. Serve them with another superfruit, blueberries, sit back and enjoy.

There are so many other superfoods you can use, both sweet and savory: pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, oats, quinoa, green tea, etc. to produce delicious and healthy pancakes. My personal favorite when it comes to savory pancake ingredients is kale. Experiment and find yours.