Garlic nutritional yeast popcorn recipe
A light and nourishing, oh-so-delicious savory spin that packs a nutritional punch of healthy fats and B vitamins. It’s a perfect addition to lunch for the office or school. This garlic popcorn recipe will blow you away. Many people often ask, is popcorn fattening? This is absolutely not the case.


¼ C refined coconut oil (OL236) or avocado oil (OL197)

? C unpopped popcorn kernels (GR174)

¼ C ghee (DP218)

½ tsp fine sea salt (BP059)

1 TBS nutritional yeast powder (HS878)

2 tsp garlic powder (or more, if you are a garlic fanatic like I am!) (HS598)

¼ tsp ground white pepper (HS518)


? In a large, heavy bottomed skillet or stock pot, heat the oil and kernels on medium-high, shaking the skillet to make sure all kernels are coated with oil and spread in a single layer in the pan. Cover with a lid, and continue heating, shaking the pan often to prevent scorching. Once popping begins, shake the pan continuously until popping slows to once every 5 seconds or so. Turn off the heat, and continue shaking until popping completes.

? Immediately pour popcorn into a brown paper bag (this step preserves the crunch!).

? Melt ¼ C of ghee in the still-hot popcorn skillet, and drizzle over the popcorn in the paper bag. Fold the top of the paper bag to close, and give it a good shake to distribute the melted ghee.

? Open the bag, sprinkle the popcorn with fine sea salt, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and white pepper. Close the bag again and give it another toss to mix. Serve and enjoy!

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