Anything that has the suffix “berry” must be good. Just think of Halle Berry. Ha, ha… No, seriously. I love these fruits, because they look great, taste great and are packed with nutrients. And when you put them in pancakes (and on top of them), oh boy, what a treat. They are most definitely beauties with character. I did some serious research that took me to a great website MyGreatRecipes full of simple pancake recipes of all kinds. Here is my personal list of favorite bumbleberry pancakes.

Strawberry Pancakes


Nutrition: source of vitamin C, manganese, dietary minerals and essential unsaturated fatty acids.

Love level: 10/10

Even though strawberries are healthy, I like spoiling their healthiness with Nutella cream because I SIMPLY CAN’T RESIST THIS COMBINATION. Ok, calm down. You have the alternative to fold strawberries inside the batter or place them on top of a thick layer of Nutella. No matter how you use them, the pancakes will be divine.

Blueberry Pancakes


Nutrients: rich in carbohydrates and protein, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Love level: 9/10

Almond Blueberry Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache. What more can I say? Just look at the ingredients and start drooling. Before you judge me for favoring unhealthy, high-calorie pancakes, just know: these pancakes are absolutely good for you: whole wheat and almond flour, coconut sugar or honey and dark chocolate. See, decadent and healthy can go hand in hand.

Raspberry Pancakes


Nutrients: among the highest level of dietary fiber of all foods, vitamin C, manganese, plus low sugar content.

Love level: 8/10

I have tried many recipes with raspberries inside the batter, but my absolute favorite is the Pink Raspberry Pancakes. I just love the pink color and when I am in the mood for absolutely beautiful pancakes I divide the batter into three batches and create lighter and darker shades of pink. You should see what they look like when stacked. This recipe is very easy because all the ingredients are mixed in a blender. Serve with whipped cream or keep them healthy with raspberry and maple syrup mix on top. To die for!

Blackberry Pancakes


Nutrients: dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K.

Love level: 7/10

This recipe is made with buttermilk, which gives the pancakes their softness and fluffiness. Prepare some blackberry syrup to complement the amazing berry-infused taste.

Mulberry Pancakes


Nutrients: rich in vitamin C and iron

Love level: 6/10

Mulberries are sweet, but they bring certain tartness to the pancake batter that is just perfect for waking up in the morning. Even better than coffee, I dare say.  Add juiciness by suspending them over the pancake batter while cooking and use some more on top together with melted butter.

Don’t forget to try cherry pancakes, even though cherries don’t contain the “berry” suffix (probably because of the fact that they are not berries, duh!). J They are very similar to the other berries in taste, at least for me, and that is why I mention them here. My next venture will be with elderberries, just to see how they’ll turn out. I’ll keep you posted.