Galaxy foods, rainbow foods, purple breads, fairy breads, ube. All these were food obsessions that spread all over the social media during 2016. Most of them will probably disappear and make place for other trends, but while they are still here, let’s have some fun and try a few of them. For inspiration visit

When it comes to experimenting, I usually do it with sweet treats like pancakes, because they are very easy and quick to make with minimum mess. Plus, they are very flexible and allow me to incorporate different ingredients both inside the batter and on top, without spoiling their deliciousness. On the contrary.

Ube Pancakes
I’ll start with the weirdest, ube. This was the first time I heard about ube and I must say I quite like it. It has great purple color (my favorite and obviously, the world’s favorite this year) and sweet taste.

Ube is a purple root popular in the Philippines. It is used as replacement of traditional food coloring in sweet treats like ice cream, pudding, donuts and glazes.

I prepared pancake cake and covered it in ube glaze made with confectioners’ sugar and milk mixed with a hand mixer. Then I added ube flavoring bought from the supermarket and almond extract and continued mixing for about 3 minutes until smooth. Amazing!

Galaxy Pancakes
Another purple trend that my kids loved. The original recipe called for donuts, so I poured my standard pancake batter into donut pans for baking. Prepare the glaze by mixing one cup icing sugar and two tablespoons milk for the base. Add drops of gel food coloring (blue and red) on the mixture’s surface. Use a thin straw to create a marbled pattern. Dip the donut top into the icing and dust it with glitter to make it shine. Very simple and attractive.


Rainbow Pancakes
The following two food trends made me realize how fashionable I actually was. Rainbow pancake and funfetti pancake recipes have been a standard in our home for years, especially served as birthday breakfasts.
This year rainbows started appearing everywhere: on sushi, bagels and even coffee. Instagram was filled with pictures of rainbow foods.
To make perfect rainbow pancakes you will need food coloring. Prepare a classic pancake recipe and divide the batter into six different bowls, then color each of them differently: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink. Cook as usual and stack the pancakes on top of each other.

Fairy Pancakes
Fairy pancakes are nothing else than funfetti pancakes. Funfetti were big this year, even Google listed them as one of the most searched foods for 2016. The original weird obsession was fairy bread which is just white bread topped with sprinkles(?!) It originates from Australia, where it’s been a snack for kids at tea time for a long time. I’ll stick with pancakes, thank you.

Prepare your standard pancake recipe and add 1/2 cup of colorful funfetti to the batter. Stack the pancakes on top of each other, cover with whipped cream and some more funfetti. At least you won’t have to eat regular white bread with sprinkles. Why on Earth would you do that?