You gotta love pancakes. Not just because of their deliciousness and their simplicity, but also because they are so…flexible. I mean, there are so many versions of pancakes. You can make them in different colors, you can change the ingredients in the batter to make them healthier, you can change the topping every time. If you are creative enough you can make pancake art.

Pancake-Dessert Fusions
On rare occasions when I have classic pancake leftovers I love creating fusions of pancakes with some of the other desserts my kids love. Or just create new pancake-dessert collisions from scratch. They are fast, simple and easy. Have you tried the oreo pancakes or doughnut pancakes? I’ve selected 10 recipes for pancakes inspired by popular desserts.


Oreo Pancakes


Let’s start with my kids’ favorite. The recipe I make is actually vegan and that is why I like it. The kids are so happy when I make these that they are not even aware they are eating something vegan. The pancakes are made with dark chocolate cocoa powder and the frosting in between is coconut butter, coconut milk and vanilla. They will only take 15 minutes of your time!

Cheesecake Pancakes


This recipe is my favorite because I am a cheesecake fan. I love the its lightness and freshness. This dessert is actually a blend between cheesecake and red velvet which brings it to whole new level. The secret lies in the red food color for the pancake batter and the cream cheese for the icing.


Snickers and Mars Pancakes


My husband is a fan of high-calorie food and he is hooked to chocolate bars, like Mars and Snickers. That’s why this recipe is perfect for him. To prepare them use regular pancakes but with less sugar than usual because you will add pieces of Snickers or Mars bars into the batter. The topping is also made of melted pieces of Snickers or Mars bars mixed with a little maple syrup. Intrigued? They do taste heavenly.


S’more Pancakes


This pancakes are also vegan. I like to make vegan pancakes from time to time, especially after we’ve had ones like the Snickers pancakes to reduce the calories intake in the whole family J The pancakes are made of whole wheat flour. The other ingredients that you need are vegan marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and semisweet chocolate. They taste like original S’mores.

Apple Pie Pancakes


Another healthy pancake recipe which uses honey instead of sugar in the batter mix. It brings the beloved apple pie taste in a pancake form. The topping is made of cooked apples with cinnamon and butter, and part of this sauce is also added inside the batter. So good!


Doughnut Pancakes


The Pandoughs, as my kids love to call them, are a perfect marriage between doughnuts and pancakes. I love this recipe because of the doughnut glaze made of melted butter, powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. It is poured over the pandoughs warm and then covered with sprinkles. Go get your recipe and make them right now!

Brownie Pancakes


Ready in no time and healthy, these brownie batter pancakes are best served with strawberries. To spoil their healthiness and add extra calories, top them with ice cream, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup. Yum!

Gingerbread Pancakes


These fluffy pancakes are full of spices (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg) and molasses. They are served with maple syrup.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


This recipe is vegan also, and made of eight ingredients only. The batter contains yeast in order to lift the pancakes up so that they look and taste more like the rolls. The cinnamon whirl is made of the same batter mixed with brown sugar, melted butter and cinnamon.


Banana Split


These are the easiest and fluffiest ever pancakes. They are made of oatmeal, which is full of health benefits, and topped with strawberries, banana slices and dark chocolate chips.

If you want more dessert-inspired pancakes, you will find ones like tiramisu pancakes, churro pancakes and carrot cake pancakes. All of them are delicious and many of them have their healthy alternatives. Enjoy!